My Beard Progress

Here are a few pictures of the progress of my beard growth. My goatee was getting longer for sometime, but my full beard has been growing out now for about 10 months as of early July 2004. I'll continue to post monthly photo updates in case anyone wants to monitor it's progression. My intent is to see just how long it is capable of getting.

This is approximately where I started from before starting to grow a longer goatee.

The picture below was taken not long after I started allowing my full beard to grow.

This picture was taken in mid-October of 2003.

This picture is from March of 2004

This one is from mid-April of 2004

This one is from late May of 2004.

This one is from late June of 2004.

This one was taken July 16, 2004.

This was taken August 20. 2004. The length of my beard can appear to vary a bit depending on how "frizzy" it is.

Taken August 27, 2004.

Taken August 29, 2004.

                A Tale of Woe...

For a while now I've been thinking about how "neat" and "cool" it would be to have an all-white beard. Even though my beard is mostly gray, there's still a lot of color left in it. Well, even though I KNEW better, a couple of days ago on 9/14/04 I made the ultimate mistake and tried bleaching the color out of my beard to achieve all-white. Need I say what happened? I ended up with a severely damaged, yellow and orange stained beard. It was awful !!!!!! No, I did NOT think to take a picture of it !!!!!!

I first tried to solve the problem by dying my entire beard dark brown. The result was even worse !!!! By that point the hair was extremely damaged and brittle.

The only remaining alternative was to shave down to the simple, short goatee/moustache combination that I lived with for many years.

I went from THIS (taken on August 29, 2004:

to THIS (taken September 16, 2004):

I'll likely grow the beard back out once I get more length and the dye in my goatee/moustache has a chance to grow back out and go back to gray. In the meantime, I do have to admit I'm enjoying the change. The big beard was a real mess first thing in the morning after literally sleeping on it all night long. Also, there's not nearly as much hair to drip and catch food in while I'm eating. It's a whole lot easier riding my motorcycle and not having to fuss with the beard all the time. It's also fun looking dramatically different overnight.

I also admit, as a number of people have pointed out to me, that I look considerably younger with just the dark goatee.