My bike is a 1999 Honda Shadow Ace Tour 1100. I bought it new in 1999. One of the reasons I selected this particular model is because it was heavier than the one I was trading in, a 1984 Honda Magna. Also I liked the hard shell touring bags. The only modification I've made to it (besides new tires) is the addition of a Sissy Bar behind the passenger seat.

Believe it or not, I didn't learn to ride a motorcycle until I was over 40 years old. No doubt "it's a good thing" to use a Martha Stewart euphemism. Had I learned when I was younger and irresponsible I'd have probably killed myself!!

Motorcycling and trucking are not dissimilar when it comes to doing it safely. To survive as a truck driver, it's necessary to expect other people you are sharing the road with to be complete idiots, and to allow for that accordingly. This really prepared me for motorcycling. Expect people to do really dumb things, and when they do it's no big deal.

By the way, my bike is now PAID FOR!!! Hurray!!!!!!