Chewing Tobacco & The Convertible

related by Skip

Your Florida Turnpike story reminded me of a story of my own.
About 20 years, I had stopped and picked up two buddies in my old 4X4 Chevy Blazer.  Three of us were heading east on I-64 to meet our wives.  My buddy, Russ, in the front passenger seat noticed I was chewing Red Man Chewing Tobacco and spitting the juice in a can.  He just had to have some.  However, he discovered I did not have a soda can for him for spitting.  I told him to just spit it out the window.  Without looking he did so.  In the outside lane next to us was a couple, both dressed in white, in a convertible with the top down.  Just as Russ let a large brown blob sail through the air, he saw the couple.  The man had his hand up the woman's skirt and was obviously having a damn good time.  Russ' expectoration hit the couple dead on.  He could not have done as well if he had tried.  The couple was saturated with tobacco juice.  Russ screamed, "Step on it!  If they catch us and find I am a minister I am dead!"  I did speed up, but my buddy in the back seat and I could not stop laughing.  I looked out the rear view mirror, and the couple was in shock wondering just what the hell had hit them!
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