Diner, Aplington, Iowa

My name is Trish Stoner, I have a little diner thatís in Aplington Iowa, north of the "new" highway 20, west of Waterloo. it used to be the Place to be, the old Dairy Sweet at the west end of town. I just opened it Oct 1st of this year. itís a small town and I'm struggling, but I keep my head up. I was reading about the Heaven on Earth restaurant and want  you to know that a lot of what hers is about, mine is! The biggest complaint I get is that I serve too  much food! Really, Im serious!! My little diner is off the beaten path, on old highway 20. I have lots of room in my parking lot for trucks and welcome them anytime, even for them to pull off and sleep. I donít care. My dad is a trucker, my step dad had his own biz, my father in law and 2 brother in laws are truckers. Plus I love the smell of burning diesel!! Anyway, just want you to know that I'm open Monday through Thursday 11 am to 7pm, Fri, Sat, Sun 9am - 9pm, and my parking lot is always open and the coffee is always hot and free for truckers!! We are off the Wellsburg exit, go north a few miles, go east and you are there. hope to see you or any of your big wheeled friends!! Trish