Mexican Online Pharmacies

Periodically over the years, I end up catching a cold, and end up with bronchitis. In the past, when on the road hundreds or even thousands of miles from home, it's been a real nightmare trying to get into see a doctor to get a prescription for an antibiotic. And even if I happen to be lucky and it happens when I'm at home, a trip to the doctor plus the prescription for the antibiotic will easily top $120 dollars or more.

The solution? I've been ordering Erythromycin from an online Mexican pharmacy located at I've ordered from them twice, using my debit Visa card, and I've been satisfied both times with my orders. I carry a quantity of Erythromycin with me at all times. If I need it, I have it.

I'm not stupid. I know that antibiotics can be abused. I know not to abuse them. I use them very sparingly. However, I also KNOW when a mere cold has crossed the border to become an infection, that if left untreated, can turn into walking pneumonia.

Safemeds.Com sends the orders via Mexican Registered Mail. It takes several weeks for the packages to pass through Customs. They don't charge your credit card until the order actually ships. They also have a large list of other drugs for sale. We are grownups here -- grownups are responsible and should act accordingly.

What gave me this idea is that my parents spend the winter months in South Texas near the Mexican border. They both take various expensive arthritis medicines. It's actually CHEAPER for them to walk across the border and buy their arthritis medicine directly out-of-pocket than it is to pay their insurance deductible and buy the medicines here in the U.S. Something is dreadfully corrupt in the drug industry and it's relationship to our government. The only solution is to do an end-run around the problem.