The Florida Turnpike

One time years ago, back in the mid-1980's I was traveling north in very heavy traffic on the Florida Turnpike between Miami and Orlando. There are always a bunch of people from states like New York and New Jersey that go to South Florida for the winter months and head back home to the Northeastern states in the spring. They all seem to head back at once, creating lots of northbound traffic.

I was driving along in the right lane, and I noticed an old blue two-door Ford Maverick beside my truck in the left lane. It was one of those people that can't make up their mind how fast they are going to go -- they speed up, then slow down, then speed up again endlessly. I became a bit alarmed when the blue Maverick, which was beside the rear tandems on the trailer, suddenly wandered off towards the median. The driver's side tires actually got off in the grass. Had the ground been wet it could have easily caused a major accident.

Fortunately he was able to get back up onto the pavement okay, and then slowly got up beside me. I looked down into the car and guess what I saw!!! There was a gal in there with him with her face right on top of his crotch!!!!
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