Fighting The Good Fight

Lately I've found myself engaging in sometimes intense discussion board debates that cut to the heart of the difference between right and wrong. The discussions have ranged from Fetal Stem Cell research to abortion to Ronald Reagan.

There always seem to be some people who will vehemently argue against the truth. Their arguments are always disjointed, ego-centric and filled with emotionalism. If the person arguing against them remains calm and logical, they quickly run out of ammunition, because they are wrong. Then they start hurling out intense emotional outbursts as well as derisive epithets in an attempt to upset the other person.

The key to winning a debate if the truth is on your side is to remain perfectly calm. The other person will eventually reveal where they are coming from, and you reveal where you are coming from. Never the twain shall meet. Evil does not like to be exposed.

If you remain perfectly calm, not taking their insults and innuendos personally, it's actually possible for both debaters to win, since the person on the other side is forced to take on something from where you are coming from that they are desperately trying to avoid.

If you cannot stay calm and maintain emotional control in a debate, there's no point in debating, whether right is on your side or not. If you respond to the other person's insults emotionally, you lose. If you become too emotional, something of where they are coming from will jump over and infect you, and you both end up losers.

Properly handled, debates of this nature between right and wrong can be extremely enlightening. I really don't care if people call me names or what they think of me. The most important thing is to get the truth out there, especially on message boards, which can really be great educational tools in certain cases for people who do not participate in the discussion but read the messages.