The Importance of Trucking

The average American seems to have no clue, let alone appreciation of, how important trucking is to the function of America as a nation.

With very few exceptions, literally every product we have was hauled on a truck at some point. Many products that are built from multiple ingredients were hauled on a truck more than once before becoming an end product. Trucks are the lifeblood of America's economy and way of life. Trucks are the visible evidence of American economic function.

It's easy for uninformed lawmakers and some in the general public to fail to realize this point. People like to complain about trucks being noisy, clogging the highways, damaging the roadways, etc. Were it not for the trucks, there would be NO economy.

When politicians try to come up with new taxes on trucking, they are ultimately placing burdens at the base level of our economy.

When you see a truck out on the road, you are witnessing America functioning on one of it's basic levels.