La Hacienda #2 Restaurant Review


Rating Guide:

  • 1 -- Don't even THINK of stopping here unless you are desperately hungry!!!!!!!!
  • 2 -- Average truck stop food, so-so
  • 3 -- Above average, worth making a point to stop if you happen to be hungry
  • 4 -- Really good food, make a point to work your schedule so you can stop
  • 5 -- Outstanding food. Unfortunately truck stop restaurants like this are RARE !!!!

La Hacienda #2 De Los Reyes

Authentic Mexican Food

Hwy. 412 West, Rt. 2, Box 969

Watts, OK

This restaurant is actually located just outside of Siloam Springs, Arkansas about a mile west of the Arkansas/Oklahoma state line along U.S. Hwy. 412, the major east/west route through the area.

La Hacienda #1 is located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. This is not a truck stop and has limited parking. However, the food is authentic Mexican and is quite excellent.

I had the "Three Star Fajita" which consists of beef, chicken and shrimp. The price was reasonable for the amount and quality of the food served. The service was excellent.

Overall Rating -- 5 -- Outstanding food. Truck stop restaurants like this just don't exist!