The Left Vs. The Right

The battle between the left and right is an extension of the age-old battle between women and men.

I try not to allow politics enter into friendship, unless all people concerned can agree to disagree without the disagreement becoming personal. On the other hand I don't apologize for my politics, either. When one allows
politics to form the basis of and/or become an extension of one's ego, you end up with people who automatically hate anyone who doesn't share their same point of view. I happen to be conservative, and other people happen
to be liberal. I cannot change my politics, and when I argue a point of view I strive to not allow my own ego to enter into the mix. In other words, I don't back up my point of view with hatred (or anger, frustration, resentment, etc.) for other points of view. When people agree with my politics, I don't allow myself to get any sort of ego "boost" out of it either. As a result, if someone calls me names, it doesn't bother me at all. If someone agrees, that's fine, but it doesn't "bolster" my position or make
me "feel better" in any way. The entire point of a debate is to arrive at the truth. If emotion and ego can be set aside, if the truth is hit upon, both sides win.

I happen to be an Alan Colmes fan on the Fox News Channel, even though Alan is liberal. I disagree with much of his politics, however it's obvious to me that he doesn't try to back up his own political opinions with hatred for opposing points of view. As a result he's interesting to listen to.

The far right and the far left both make the mistake of allowing their emotions to overrule their reason and common sense. When people argue in this manner, nothing is ever resolved, no common truth is ever arrived at.

Emotion and ego carried to the extreme between men and women results in domestic violence. Emotion and ego carried to the extreme in the political arena results in wars.