Here are a few of my favorite websites:

Truck Driver Jobs added 8/27/08. Truck driving jobs listed with US trucking companies. Company drivers and owner operators can review carrier profiles for trucking employment opportunities.

Want a driving career? Then check out Truck Driving Jobs -- added 2/6/07 -- added 3/8/07

Truck Driving Jobs -- added 1/24/08

Cell Phone Chargers added 2/25/08

BigTruckDirections.Com added 3/17/08 -- added 3/2/07 -- Finally an online fax site that allows one-time faxes for $1.99 with no recurring monthly fees. -- added 1/8/07

Tandem Stoppers -- added 11/26/06

Trucker To Trucker Marketplace -- added 11/6/06

RV Idiots Podcast -- added 10/30/06

Gasdandy Gas Mileage Calculator and Tracking Program-- added 10/25/06

TruckerTwoTimes Podcast -- added 10/15/06

U.K. Trucker Diary/Blog -- added 6/18/06 -- added 5/28/06 -- added 5/14/06 -- The Over-The-Road Chef added 5/9/06 -- Over-The-Road Chef Blog added 5/9/06 -- Podcast directory website added 2/15/06 -- Over-the-road driver's website and blog, complete with lots of photos -- added 2/14/06

Dish Network - Free Installation -- Receive a free DVR or HDTV receiver when you schedule Dish Network Satellite installation -- added 12/19/05

Dragon Tattoos  -- Dragon and Tribal Tattoo designs -- added 12/19/05 -- An extremely well presented Southern California wedding photographer Scott Roberts' website -- added 11/30/05 -- Axel Deneselya's website -- The Truck Driving Jobs Website
(402) 981-6915 -- Link to "The Trucker's Report" website -- A link to one of the many Movin' On TV show fan sites -- KSCO radio Santa Cruz website -- Interesting world travel website -- link to Arrow Truck Sales -- An ingenious device to create a "bridge" bed between the two bucket seats of a day cab truck Bittorrent links for Podcasts a $39 dollar piece of software designed specifically to enable "live" recording of Podcast MP3 files. Free radio voice over exchanges!!! A reputable online Mexican Pharmacy  Another Trucker's Website Another Trucker's Website Financial Advice With An Attitude Gets The Scoop Before Everyone Else One of the best search engines on planet Earth !!! A collection of quick and easy "How To" guides covering a broad variety of topics in written and MP3 formats


Almond Industrial Supply

Skip's Railroad Photos Everything Cellular, Every Cell Phone Accessory You Can Imagine, Good Service Autographed Letters, Signed Photographs, Historically Significant Material A comprehensive collection of travel related links and listings -- A comprehensive trucking jobs site for both driver recruiters and drivers -- A service providing truckers with driving jobs -- Adam Curry's website. Adam Curry's daily podcast is a podcast you don't want to miss!!! -- U.S. city directory website