October 19, 2004 -- I unloaded early this morning at Liverpool, New York, near Syracuse, New York. I'm on my way not to load this evening at Avon, New York with a load that goes to Clarksville, Arkansas. After that I'll likely get to go home from there so I can fill out my absentee voter ballot and get it turned in.

I'm still resisting the temptation to listen to newscasts or talk radio. The longer I go without it, the easier it becomes to resist tuning in to them again.

Fox News is certainly more "fair and balanced" than the other mass news outlets. However, they still have to report the lies that politicians tell, even if they immediately present people that challenge the lies. The lies themselves can be very demoralizing, especially when there are obviously plenty of people around who believe them. It can make good people end up feeling as if they are hopelessly "surrounded" and demoralized, when there are actually more good people around than the "bad" ones.

The solution is to turn it all off. Turned off, wicked, lying politicians have little or no voice and their influence is vastly diminished.

Without the negative media's influence, the mental fog clears. Life is good.