October 31, 2004 -- I got unloaded at Corinne, Utah yesterday (Saturday) evening. Afterwards they had me deadhead my truck to Fruitland, Idaho where I'm waiting to reload -- a good 330 miles from where I unloaded in Utah.

This new load is supposed to deliver in Hannibal, Missouri, up north of St. Louis, Missouri Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM. That schedule gives me less than two days to go 1,565 miles !!!! I think someone is going to have to do some readjusting on the delivery time !!!!!!!

Two more days and the 2004 election SHOULD be over. I'm so sick of hearing everyone talk about it.

I realized this morning why the early voter turnout is so large -- I believe that people are voting early so they can "tune out" of the election talk. People have grown weary of others trying to exert influence over their minds. I must admit, once I dropped off my absentee ballot it was a relief -- I can simply ignore the discussions.