January 10, 2005 -- After I stopped south of Las Vegas, Nevada to spend the night, the next day I made it to St. George, Utah before I stopped again. There happen to be two towns in Utah named St. George, Utah -- I was at the one in the extreme southern part of the state along I-15 at exit 4. The next day I made it from St. George, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado. Yesterday, I made the final leg of the journey from Grand Junction, Colorado to Denver, Colorado. I unloaded in Denver, Colorado early this morning. Right now I'm waiting for my next load to finish loading at Fort Collins, Colorado. The next load is going to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, so at least I won't have to go back west over I-70 and the awful mountain passes west of Denver. Fortunately when I came through there yesterday the roads were just wet, even though it was snowing. Even so, the passes are an incredibly hard and slow climb for a loaded truck. It's necessary to go just as slowly down the other side, since if you build up too much momentum going down a long steep mountain grade the brakes will easily become overwhelmed. That's why you see those "Runaway Truck Ramps" along steep mountain passes.

A few days ago, I was at a Flying J truck stop and I decided to buy an "SMC" brand wireless WiFi card that was supposed to be able to connect to an external antenna, along with the appropriate external antenna. I got a chance finally to try it out today. What a joke!!!! The external antenna connector doesn't attach firmly to the WiFi card -- you would have to prop the silly thing in the appropriate connector hole!!! I took it back to the Flying J in Denver for a refund before coming on up to Fort Collins. The ability to plug in an external antenna is a good one -- the problem is that the way "SMC" implements their design is really a joke.

I'm in the process of switching web hosting companies for this website. The old server only offers 50 megabytes of space. The new server is with a company called StartLogic and they offer an incredible deal -- for actually LESS money than I am currently paying, I get 2 gigabytes of server space, along with 60 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth. That's an incredible value!!! If you need website hosting, be sure to check out StartLogic. Thanks to Earl J. Lear of for turning me on to the deal !!! Way to go E.J. Lear!!!

I've gotten all of the files that make up this website uploaded to the new server. I've got to do a bit of final tweaking and then after I'm sure everything is working good I'll change the IP address numbers that the domain points to. Both the old and new servers will be up and running simultaneously and it will take a couple of days for the new numbers to "propagate" throughout the entire Internet. Since both sites will be up and running, there should be no down time for this site at all. Once I'm certain that everything has changed hands properly, I can cancel the old service.