January 1, 2005 -- The original heating/air conditioning repair man didn't call me right away when he was supposed to, so I went ahead and called someone else. They were able to send someone right out, so when the first guy finally called I had to tell him it was too late, that someone else was already on the way over.

It turned out that I had to have something called an "induction motor" replaced with a new one. All together it cost around $400 dollars for the repair, but it had to be done. One of my younger brothers is going to check on it to make sure it's starting and stopping okay like it's supposed to.

I went back to work on December 28th. They had me take a load from the Elm Springs, Arkansas yard to New York City, New York. Of course, New York City is not a place I like to truck to, but I agreed to take the load. I delivered it there early Friday morning. Afterwards they had me pick a load up at Palmyra, Pennsylvania near Hershey, Pennsylvania that delivers to Redlands, California in the Los Angeles, California area.