November 15, 2004 -- I was able to stop through Arkadelphia, Arkansas for about four and one half hours yesterday and have lunch with my parents. We ate at the local Cracker Barrel which is just up the street about half a block from the truck stop.

I was able to stop by a department store and buy a portable battery-operated camping lantern to provide me with some extra light. I was able to re-record my video movie reviews and upload them here to my website. Here are the links to the updated files:

Tom's Video Review of Van Helsing

Tom's Video Review of The Day After Tomorrow

While I had time I also completed the next review, The Passion Of The Christ. Here's that link:

Tom's Video Review of The Passion of The Christ

I dropped my load late last night here at Waco, Texas and picked up an empty trailer. At the moment I'm waiting for my fleet manager to come up with a load that will bring me home for a few days off work.

It's now later in the evening. They didn't get a load for me, so I'm spending the night here at Waco, Texas.