November 24, 2004 -- I got to Dayton, New Jersey around 3:00 AM Tuesday morning. They backed me into a dock door around 5:00 AM. I went ahead and stayed up once I got there until they backed me into the dock door. They came out around 8:00 AM and woke me up to tell me the load was unloaded. Afterwards, with their permission I parked for a few hours on their property to sleep a few more hours.

Around 11:00 AM, the company sent me new load information. It was a drop and hook load that picked up at Palmyra, Pennsylvania. I stopped at the Petro Truck Stop at Bordentown, New Jersey at exit 7 on the New Jersey Turnpike to drop my trip paperwork off in the "Trip Pak Express" box and get the empty trailer washed out. Afterwards I came on over to Palmyra, Pennsylvania. It took me much longer than usual, since there was a lot of Thanksgiving holiday traffic out on the roads. Several times the traffic slowed and even came to a complete stop because of all the traffic volume.

The loaded trailer I picked up at Palmyra, Pennsylvania had light problems, so I came to the nearby T/A Truck Stop at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to get the lights worked on. It turned out to be an electrical grounding problem with the trailer, which the shop here was easily able to solve by installing a "grounding strap" on the trailer.

I'm spending the night here. By tomorrow most of the holiday traffic should have died down. The load I have is going to Kennesaw, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. It delivers at 2:00 PM Friday afternoon.