November 26, 2004 -- I dropped my loaded trailer at Kennesaw, Georgia this morning and picked up an empty trailer. The interior of the empty trailer was dirty, so I had to take it to a truck wash to get it washed out. I took it back to Kennesaw to a different warehouse and dropped it and picked up a load going to Ashburn, Georgia. I dropped the load at Ashburn, Georgia and picked up an empty and brought it to the WSE Atlanta yard. I hooked up to a loaded trailer that drops at an MCT drop yard at Peru, Illinois.

The Christmas shopping season for 2004 has started in earnest. I usually don't do much Christmas shopping. The idea of being obligated to buy presents for friends and/or relatives has bothered me for years. I don't mind giving people gifts, but I hate feeling obligated to do so. Most people already have everything that they could possibly need, so buying them gifts just because it's a societal tradition is a total waste of time and money.