November 3, 2004 -- I made it to Palmyra, PA and dropped my loaded trailer. I picked up an empty trailer and came to one of the nearby truck stops along I-81 at Exit 77.

I informed my fleet manager that my log book would be very close to being out of hours, so I should have a relaxed schedule Thursday.

I had someone email me with problems regarding a trucking company breaking a written promise to employ him after he got a CDL. This is his email to me:

  • The Co I work for broke a non written promise I could drive for them. They are saying I have no experience. How can you drive for a Co when nobody will give you a chance?  If you got any leads  to any truck Co that willing to give a driving student a chance please let me know. I need verifiable miles. Thanks again John 

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    Side note. Thanks for the Pics

Here's my reply:

  • Call the company I work for, Willis Shaw Express at 1-800-643-3540 and ask for recruiting. They put driving school graduates with driver/trainers all the time on an ongoing basis.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos.