January 14, 2005 -- After I got loaded at Fort Collins, Colorado, I made it as far as Limon, Colorado. It got extremely foggy after I got out away from Denver, Colorado and the fog got so bad I decided the safest thing for me to do would be to stop and spend the night so that's what I did. The next day I made it into Oklahoma, where it was still foggy. I got up the next morning and the fog was gone but the wind was blowing pretty good out of the southwest. I made it to Pine Bluff, Arkansas around noon Wednesday and got unloaded.

I had to spend Wednesday  night at Pine Bluff, Arkansas so I could reload there Friday afternoon with a load going to Zanesville, Ohio. I made it around 144 miles into Tennessee and spent the night last night. I finished driving to Zanesville this evening. I deliver here at Zanesville at 6:00 AM Saturday morning.