November 6, 2004 -- I left Carlisle, Pennsylvania yesterday evening. I stopped to sleep at a service plaza along the Ohio Turnpike/I-80.

I got to Manteno, Illinois around 4:15 PM this afternoon and dropped my loaded trailer. I picked up a new load, this one going to Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

I've spent some time today listening to "Air America" which bills itself as a "Liberal Talk Radio Network." God, talk about sour grapes!!!!! They don't seem to "get" why Liberalism (so-called "progressive politics" -- it's all the same thing) was so resoundingly rejected by ordinary American voters.

Bush won the election primarily because a majority of everyday Americans realized that Bush would better protect the country from terrorism than Kerry. To people like me, Kerry came across as wishy-washy and willing to say anything with a straight face, whether he believed it or not, in order to garner votes -- constantly contradicting himself in the process. Modern liberalism has been resoundingly rejected at the ballot box. Simply trying to "repackage" the liberal or so-called "progressive" message in a different way won't make any difference. The Democrat Party has been taken over by the more radically left elements of the party, and everyday Americans see this.

I have a lot of liberal friends and when I try to talk politics with them I almost always end up being unable to really connect with them because they resort to vitriolic emotionalism and name-calling, ultimately refusing to be intellectually honest or to really listen to what I have to say. The back and forth exchanges almost always end with them giving up, since it’s impossible for them to upset me with their name-calling.

A political movement based on angry fringe-groups will never appeal to the “Red” people like me. Liberalism at its foundation is based on hatred. If you cannot give up your hatred, you lose.