January 19, 2005 -- I unloaded early Tuesday morning at Hanover, Pennsylvania. It was around 3:00 AM in the morning when I got there. The weather was bitter cold -- it was about 10 degrees above zero with a stiff breeze, making things pretty miserable.

After I got unloaded I slept until around 3:00 PM. I had to drive to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to get my trailer washed out. Afterwards, I drove to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and dropped off the empty trailer and picked up a loaded one going to Manteno, Illinois.

I made it to Clearfield, Pennsylvania last night around 3:00 AM where I decided to stop and sleep. When I stopped, the roads were clear and it was just cold with no snow. Unfortunately, when I woke up around noon, I looked out and it was snowing -- the hood of my truck was covered with snow. I hate it when that happens, especially when things were nice and dry when I went to sleep. Had I known it was going to snow I would have kept on going west.

In any case, I got underway and had to drive about 50 or 60 miles in partially snow-covered roads. After that, the roads were just mostly salt-dirty wet. I had to go through a lot of windshield washer juice with my wipers to keep the windshield clear so I could see where I was going. After I got into Ohio, things were much better.

I made it to Manteno, Illinois around 2:00 AM. I dropped my loaded trailer and picked up an empty. Now I'm about to head to bed. It's weird -- though it's below freezing here, it feels almost balmy compared to the bitter-cold weather yesterday in Pennsylvania.