January 22, 2005 -- After I spent the night at Manteno, Illinois, they sent me to Edwardsville, Illinois to pick up a load going to Lubbock, Texas. On my way to Edwardsville, Illinois my fleet manager sent me a message telling me that I'd be dropping the load at the Elm Springs, Arkansas yard since the load had too much time on it before the delivery appointment. I was due to come home on January 27th, so I decided it was close enough for me to simply take time off now rather than fighting with going back out for only six or seven days and then trying to get back to Arkansas.

I got home Friday morning around 7:30 AM. Since I'd been up driving all night, I decided I would just go ahead and stay up the rest of the day rather than take a nap. I got a little drowsy, but I managed to stay up okay.

Friday was beautiful here in Northwest Arkansas -- it was around 75 degrees with a clear sky. The weather changed overnight. Today (Saturday) it was not much above freezing with a very intense wind.

I spent most of today here at the house. I did manage to post a new show to my Internet radio show located at I also paid the month's bills.

When I was home last time right before I left in the truck I had a furnace repairman come out to the house and repair my furnace. I paid the repairman a check for close to $400 dollars. For some weird reason, the check has YET to clear and it's coming up on a month. Either something weird happened, or the guy is carrying the check around in his pocket -- who knows? I'll just keep counting the check as being un-cleared and hope that it eventually clears.