December 6, 2004 -- I spent several hours Saturday with my parents. They drove up to Winnie, Texas and picked me up. We ended up riding a ferry in the car over to Galveston, Texas where I took them out to eat at a place called "Fisherman's Wharf."

I made it to Doraville, Georgia last night where I was supposed to unload this morning. When I checked in with them they informed me that my delivery appointment wasn't until 12/7/04, which is tomorrow.

My regular fleet manager is on vacation this week. The person who's filling in is swamped with 100 trucks as a result. The normal number of trucks they are responsible for is 50. In any case, I've brought the loaded trailer to the company's Atlanta, Georgia yard to drop. There are no empty trailers here that don't have a red tag on them indicating they require shop service, so the only thing I can do is wait until someone brings an empty trailer in that I can hook onto.

This is one of the three identical privately-owned ferries that are contracted with the state of Texas to carry traffic back and forth from Galveston Island, Texas.

Here we were parked in the car on the ferry as the voyage across the bay was underway.

This is a Blue Heron waiting along the Texas Gulf Coast at Gilchrist, Texas hoping someone will give it a piece of bread.

The Texas Gulf Coast at Gilchrist, Texas.

A picture I snapped of myself in the car with my parents.

My parents outside the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant at Galveston, Texas.

Some of the birds that are trained to make the trip across the bay with the ferry in hopes of getting bread from the ferry passengers.

Birds perched on nearby pilings waiting for the ferry to take off.

A couple more birds perched in wait for their chance to get some bread.