December 9, 2004 -- I ended up sitting most of the day yesterday at Brecksville, Ohio just getting unloaded. I finally got unloaded around 5:00 PM. This was one of the slowest receivers I've been to in a long time. In their defense, they had just moved into a new warehouse three days before and they were swamped with incoming loads stocking the new warehouse.

Afterwards I went up the street to an independently-owned restaurant that had truck parking and got something to eat. After that, I headed to Erie, Pennsylvania where I picked up another load this morning that was already pre-loaded on another trailer going to O'Fallon, Missouri.

I drove most of the day to get to O'Fallon, Missouri. I got here around 10:30 PM. I'm parked at the place where I unload at 5:00 AM tomorrow (Friday) morning.