January 5, 2004 -- I just dropped my loaded trailer at Redlands, California and picked up an empty trailer.

When I got almost to Gallup, New Mexico last night it was snowing and the road was slick, so I stopped at the next truck stop, which fortunately wasn't but a few miles from where the road started getting bad. I heard that they had closed I-40 at Flagstaff, Arizona due to snow. When I went through there this afternoon the road was cleared off, but especially right in Flagstaff it was obvious they had gotten a very heavy snow. The road was clear all the way to Southern California.

Redlands, California is inland a good 60 or more miles from Los Angeles, so the temperature is colder here by a good 10 degrees than it is in Los Angeles. I'm guessing it's around 35 degrees here. Los Angeles is about 45 degrees.

I found a place to park where I'll likely sleep till around noon Pacific time.

I've been somewhat surprised lately by the lack of the normal number of trucks on the road. Lately I've had a very easy time finding parking at night in truck stops that are usually jammed.