January 6, 2004 -- I woke up around Noon Pacific time. They had dispatched me to pick up a load at Wilmington, California, about 75 miles away, right out along the coast near the Port of Los Angeles. It took me about an hour and a half to get there, not bad considering every bit of it was in city freeway traffic. The average person who's never been to the greater Los Angeles area probably doesn't realize how sprawling it is. It's a good 100 miles east to west by probably 75 miles from north to south. Everywhere you look there are people, and they all seem to be in their cars driving around.

The load was supposed to have loaded on Wednesday, so they dispatched it a day late. It was originally scheduled to be in Denver, Colorado Friday at 8:00 AM. There's no way I can make that delivery, so they will have to reschedule it, likely for Monday morning.

I've stopped just south of Las Vegas, Nevada to spend the night.