February 15, 2005 -- I've made it to Kennesaw, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia where I've dropped my trailer. Unfortunately the warehouse I dropped the load in doesn't have any empty trailers available, so I'll have to wait until sometime Wednesday to get one.

Peter Yorke from had heard one of my podcasts and was wanting to know if I'd be interested in setting up a Bittorrent feed for my podcast. Of course I thought that was a wonderful idea, since it will give me a bit more exposure as well as help mitigate the bandwidth consumption issue.

I've gone sort of podcast crazy the past few days -- this is the third night in a row that I'll be posting another podcast. I'm hoping to be able to generate more frequent podcasts that are a bit shorter in length. Podcasting is a whole lot of fun. I listen to podcasts I've downloaded from the Internet almost exclusively all day long every day on my MP3 player, and it's fun to contribute back material for other people to listen to.