February 27, 2005 -- I've made it to Checotah, Oklahoma where I've stopped to spend the night. I picked this load up at Amarillo, Texas at a drop yard. The load is going to Atlanta, Georgia. Before my fleet manager went home Friday afternoon, she sent a message to me saying that they would likely have me bring it to the Elm Springs, Arkansas yard since I'm due home for a few days off. I've been out about a month or so -- I've sort of lost track of how long I've been gone. I'm hoping I don't have to deliver the load to Atlanta -- I'm ready for a few days off and away from the truck.

I've purchased a new domain name and website that will be called PodcastPromos.Com. I also purchased without the "s" on the end that will point to the same website. My vision is to set up a website that will function as a podcast promo link exchange where people can get together and exchange promos to be played in each others shows. Hopefully I can set this up fairly quickly once I get some time to sit down and start working on it.

Another thing I've been looking into is getting a better microphone for higher-quality audio input. For now I've settled on a Plantronics USB DSP-500 microphone/headset. A couple of people have told me that the microphone sounds amazingly good, so we will see. I would really like to move towards more professional-level equipment, but doing it from here in the truck introduces several problems. First there's the problem of trying to power everything from the 300 watt DC to AC power inverter -- it seems to introduce a lot of noise into microphones. Secondly, there's the issue of limited space. It becomes a pain if I have to carry around too much bulky equipment.