February 3, 2004 -- I came back to work on January 31st. I took a load from the yard at Elm Springs, Arkansas to near Allentown, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I started coming down with something. By late Tuesday evening I was experiencing chills which with me is always a good indication I've developed a fever. Fortunately I carry Eurethromycin with me courtesy of the online Mexican pharmacy so I went ahead and started taking it immediately. I'm feeling much better now, though my chest is still fairly sore. Fortunately I'm not experiencing nearly as much sinus drainage.

Right now I'm east of Knoxville, TN on my way to deliver a load at Kennesaw, Georgia tomorrow.

By the way, the furnace repair guy finally deposited the check I gave him after carrying it around for almost a month. The back of the check shows that it wasn't deposited until late in January. The check was written late in December.