March 11, 2005 -- I came back to work on March 7th after several days off.

While I was off work, they decided to retire the Mack truck I've been driving for about a year an nine months. Now I'm in a Freightliner. They used to always buy new trucks, but now they are buying used trucks. The Mack had 649,000 miles on it. I was shocked when I discovered the Freightliner I'm now driving has just under 500,000 miles on it. They only gained 150,000 miles so I really don't see the point. A year and a half from now this truck I'm in now will have as many or more miles on it than the Mack had. Oh well, as long as it runs, the air conditioner and heater work, they keep me busy, and my paychecks continue to be direct deposited I could really care less.

I unloaded this morning at Tulsa, Oklahoma with a load I picked up in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm reloading this evening with a load here at Joplin, Missouri with a load going to Jacksonville, Florida.