April 16, 2005 -- I came back to work on April 13th. I had a hard time getting back to work, but now that I'm back things are going good. I ended up changing trucks again. This time I've got a red Freightliner condo. I think it's likely I'll keep it since it seems to run good.

When I got to work on the 13th, I discovered they hadn't changed the tires out yet even though I talked to the tire man on the 12th and he said he'd get right on it.. The tire man came up with the excuse that he was busy with a bunch of work they threw at him. After I got the "trade in" tires changed out, next I went through a bit of a nightmare trying to find an empty trailer.

Once I got an empty trailer, I took it to Russellville, Arkansas and got loaded with a load going to Denver, Pennsylvania. I unloaded in Denver, PA early Friday morning.

Right now I'm at Stuarts Draft, Virginia where I've hooked on to a load that delivers to Edwardsville, Illinois, which is metro St. Louis, Missouri. I'll likely get there sometime on Sunday.

I just got the "Tattoo Podcast" up and running. It's available to listen to at It's going to be interesting to see how much interest it generates.