April 17, 2005 -- I made it to Edwardsville, Illinois today around 6:00 PM. I dropped my loaded trailer and picked up an empty one. At first, the fenake guard gave me an empty trailer number to hook on to that turned out to be one with mechanical problems and couldn't be used. I hooked on to another one. Of course, she had to look on her list before she would let me leave the premises with it to make sure it wasn't set aside to be loaded.

When I got to the warehouse I was behind another truck. The truck sat there for what was approaching 30 minutes. Finally when he got out of the way and I pulled up there, she was complaining. It turns out that the other driver had brought a load of chocolate candy in without running the reefer unit at all -- all the way from Hazleton, Pennsylvania to Edwardsville, Illinois. He told her he knew that it should have been running, but the guy on the other end told him he didn't need to. That's a perfect example of someone not using their common sense. If he suspected that the reefer unit needed to be running, he should have started calling his company and asking questions to make absolutely certain that he wasn't going to ruin the load. It's likely that his company will have to pay for the entire load of candy in the form of a damage claim. Pretty dumb.

I'm spending the night at the nearby Flying J truck stop here. I'll get another load tomorrow.

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