April 21, 2005 -- I reloaded at Montgomery City, Missouri with a three drop load that came to the Tampa, Florida area. I'm currently spending the night here and am set to reload tomorrow morning at Auburndale, Florida.

My truck's air conditioner isn't working right all the time. Actually, the air conditioner itself is working fine. The problem I'm having is that the I can't shut the hot water for the heater off and it periodically is allowed to circulate in the heater core in the dash, resulting in fairly intense heat coming out of the dash vents. Fortunately, the sleeper air conditioner is blowing completely cold air, so while I'm sitting here in the sleeper I'm quite comfortable.

I've been recording a lot of audio MP3 podcasts lately. My regular trucker podcast is available at and the new Tattoo Podcast is available at The "How to Become A Truck Driver" segments I've been doing in my regular podcast have been generating a lot of positive email response. Those segments have been split out and are now posted on in their "podcast" section.