April 4, 2005 -- I made it home Friday for a few days off. My parents drove up from Hot Springs and so far I've spent most of my time with them either here at my house or meeting other relatives to eat out.

I think I'm finally over the food poisoning. After the diarrhea kept hanging on, I took my Mom's advice and started taking some Erythromycin to help clear it out. The diarrhea stopped yesterday.

I am due to go back to work on Wednesday, provided that the truck gets fixed. The shop seemed relatively certain that the remaining water loss problem in the cooling system was likely due to a leaking head gasket. It seems that this has been a common problem for them in the batch of used trucks they just purchased. The truck's sat for about a year and half so that might have something to do with it -- who knows.

I've been in contact with Terry at which is a premier driver recruiting website. TruckFlix.Com will be hosting the "How To Become A Truck Driver" series of podcasts I'm recording. I'll be posting the link to it once it's up.