May 15, 2005 -- I unloaded early this morning here at Davenport, Iowa. Afterwards I slept part of the day parked outside of the plant where I unloaded, and then after I woke up I came to the local Flying J truck stop. I won't reload until Monday.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon and evening creating a new tech-related podcast called "Trucker Tom's Digital Off Ramp" located at I also recorded a new edition of the Tattoo Podcast available at Finally, I recorded a new regular podcast available at

Here are a three quick-and-dirty webcam photos I snapped a couple of days ago when I was backed into a door at Summit, Mississippi waiting for them to finish loading the load coming to Iowa.

This one was shot through my bug-splattered windshield.

Here I am with my computer perched on the steering wheel.

Here's a picture I accidentally snapped of myself as I was trying to position the webcam on the dash.