September 18, 2004 -- I came back to work yesterday. I picked up a load last night at Fort Smith, Arkansas that delivers early Monday morning in San Diego, California.

I've stopped to sleep at Gallup, New Mexico.

It's becoming ever more clear that the CBS supposed "Bush documents" are out-and-out fakes and their content a complete fantasy. Not only that, reports are beginning to surface that ties the source of them coordinating directly to the Kerry Campaign.

I've said it before. John Kerry is no Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was "slick" enough to pull stuff like this off and get away with it. John Kerry is trying to do the same types of things that Clinton did, but Kerry is a bumbling fool.

Speaking of Clinton, I finally saw a picture of Clinton's Presidential Library under construction at Little Rock, Arkansas. It is highly reminiscent of a single-wide moble home up on blocks... No more comment is necessary!!!!!