September 21, 2004 -- I've made it to Gallup, New Mexico, where I've stopped to sleep. I deliver at 4:30 PM Wednesday afternoon at Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 141 miles from where I'm currently at.

Another barbaric beheading has occurred at the hands of Islamic fascists. Unlike the Nick Berg beheading video, which was edited, this beheading was done in real-time in front of the video camera. These people are true barbarians.

The solution to the problem is to start dropping small tactical nuclear weapons on known terrorist strongholds. If we would start wiping them from the face of the Earth, it would put the fear of God in them. When we act weak, we are simply displaying the worst behavior in us that encourages the worst behavior from them. These people are willing to fight us to the death. It's time we realized that and took appropriate steps to bring this madness to an end.

Here's a link to the Eugene Armstrong beheading video: Eugene Armstrong Beheading Video.