September 22, 2004 -- I didn't quite get unloaded. It turned out that about a pallet and a half of stuff was rejected by the receiver because it was too close to the expiration date. So, that means I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out what the trucking company claims department finds out from the shipper what they want me to do with the rejected product.

I've added yet another link to a beheading video, this one for Jack Hensley. Here's the link: Jack Hensley Beheading Video. Keep in mind, this is incredibly barbaric and graphic. Beware of watching it if you don't have good control of the thoughts and images in your mind.

I'm convinced that these Islamic fascist barbarians are getting an unspoken sexual thrill out of chopping people up. They also very likely have strong sexual feelings towards their brutal dictators like Saddam Hussein. The more brutal the dictator, the stronger the sexual feelings towards the dictator are likely to be.