September 8, 2004 -- I got unloaded this morning at Birmingham, Alabama. I got there at around 6:30 AM. The area of town I unloaded in turned out to be a decent neighborhood, but it was just as well that I didn't get there until just before unloading time, since there was no place to park on the street and their property would have likely been locked up when it was closed. After I got unloaded I went to a nearby truck stop and slept until around 4:00 PM.

I'm reloading at Murfreesboro, Tennessee with a load delivering Friday in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma at 6:30 PM in the evening. After I get unloaded at Pauls Valley, I'll head for home for time off. The load was supposed to be pre-loaded on another trailer. Unfortunately when I got here I discovered that it wasn't, so now I'm backed into a door waiting for them to finish loading it.

I realized who John Kerry reminds me of -- the "Thurston Howell The Third" character from the old "Gilligan's Island" TV show from the 1960's. The character was a caricature of a pretentious, self-important snob. A couple of days ago I heard a sound byte of Kerry where he was trying to allay the fears of the pro-gun lobby that demonstrates just how pretentious he is. He said something to the effect he'd been a "hunter" all his life, and that he had hunted all sorts of "beast and foul." My own Dad and both of my younger brothers have been hunters all their lives too -- I've NEVER heard them refer to hunting for "beast and foul." Hunting for "beast and foul" is a snob's phrase.

John Kerry's running mate, John Edwards, has been compared to the "Gomer Pyle" character from the old "Gomer Pyle" TV show from the 1960's. I guess since Kerry want's to keep bringing up and re-fighting the Vietnam war, all of these 1960's references really fit in!!!!