Dodge Pickup Versus Cow

My youngest brother called me late last night (April 11, 2005) to tell me he had totaled out his company pickup. He was about a mile from home on a dark road (about 9:00 PM) and a cow stepped right out in front of his pickup. He said he hit the cow squarely, and the cow actually landed in the bed of the pickup. He had his seat belt fastened and he said both air bags deployed. He wasn't hurt, but the cow of course died after about 10 minutes. He said it kept trying to stand up before it died. He was able to call his wife to come and get him after they cleaned up the mess. They were able to determine who the cow belonged to, and the owner said he had insurance that should cover things like escaped animals. They were going to buy him a new pickup soon so I guess it's better that it happened now with the old one than later with the new one. You never really know when something like an animal stepping out in front of your vehicle will happen. It's especially dangerous at night on rural two-lane roads. The road he lives on is fairly busy. He lives at Colcord, Oklahoma, which is about 10 miles or so west of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Here are the photos he sent me. WEAR THOSE SEAT BELTS!!!!!

NEW!!!--Daytime photos of pickup added 4/16/05