My Favorite Music

I can listen to nearly any type of music. I enjoy Classical, Rock & Roll, Country, etc. I even like some Opera music.

My intent here is to list music CD's that I feel are worth owning. The list is going to start small, and be added to gradually and systematically over a period of time.

Classical Music covers a fairly broad spectrum of music. The big problem with Classical Music is the fact that most of the composers names are complex and high-sounding, sometimes unpronounceable. The names of the pieces of music can be strange as well. So, my intent here is to list Classical Music CD's that are worth paying money for. It's possible to get almost unlimited enjoyment from many of the best pieces of Classical Music.

I've always been a big fan of pipe organ music. Of course, to fully appreciate pipe organ music, you've got to have a fairly stout amplifier and speakers that are able to handle the loud volumes and very deep bass notes a pipe organ can frequently produce.

One of my favorite pieces of Organ music is Symphony No. 3 "Organ" by Camille Saint-Saens. The best recording I've ever found of this grand piece of music is on the Telarc label disc no. CD-80051.

Michael Murray is the organist. Eugene Ormandy conducts the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. It was released originally in 1980, making this an early digital recording. Telarc was an early pioneer of fully digital recordings, and the quality of the recorded sound is quite spectacular. Be careful with this disc the first time you play it until you determine how loud the loudest parts of the disc are. The end of the second and final movement will put any stereo and pair of speakers to the ultimate torture test !!!

Handel: Messiah Another great piece of music is Handel's "Messiah." I recommend the Telarc recording CD-80093. The sound quality is very clear and warm.

Want to test your stereo with a VERY clear, dynamic digital recording? I suggest Telarc's 1981 recording of Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" Telarc CD-80078. The music itself is absolutely first rate.