I believe it is shameful the way the media is trying to keep the Nick Berg beheading video under wraps. This "political correctness" is killing America's freedom of speech. I was able to find a shortened version of the video, and I'm posting a link to it here. To save the video to your hard drive, right-click on it and then "Save As" to save it to your own system's hard drive in an appropriate folder or on your Desktop. If you click directly on the link, it will simply play in your Windows Media Player.

America has the military power to end this terrorism mess right now, but we don't seem to have the guts to use it. The "people" who beheaded Nick Berg are subhuman. To stop a terrorist, you've got to use a bigger terror. We need to drop a nuclear bomb or two. Just possessing nuclear bombs is not enough -- we've got to be willing to use it, and the terrorists know that we don't have the stomach for it.

The Japanese invented the "kamikaze" idea. A couple of nuclear bombs later and they've been one of our strongest allies ever since. At the very least we should take the gloves off and summarily wipe out the "resistance" in Iraq. When these thugs hide in Mosques, the Mosque is no longer a house of religion, but is now a military fort and should be blown out of existence.

There are two versions of the file. There are two download sites for the shortened version, and one download site for the longer, slightly higher-quality version.

WARNING: This video is GRAPHIC!!!!!


Nick Berg Video Download -- Short 1/2 megabyte version

Nick Berg Video Download Alternate Site -- Short 1/2 megabyte version

Nick Berg Long Higher quality version -- Longer 6 megabyte version

We, as Americans, are about to lose our country. The long, slow decline is beginning to accelerate as both external and internal pressures continue to mount. We've turned into a bunch of weak-kneed, namby-pamby, gutless fools afraid of our own shadow. I see little hope for us on the horizon.

Hitler is back, but he returned in a different form. The Islamists are determined to destroy all non-Muslims, even as Hitler was determined to destroy all Jews. We are engaged in a deadly serious, fight-to-the-death struggle and sadly most of us either don't realize it, or worse, don't WANT to realize it. Just keep those "Survivor" episodes coming so we can selfishly continue to keep our heads buried in the sand!

The idiots in the leftist media that blindly push their global socialist agenda seem to have no idea what awaits them if Islamo-facism is allowed to win this struggle. Little do they realize they would be one of the first ones taken down.