How To Receive Podcasts

Receiving Podcasts is easy. Download "Doppler Radio" at and install it. It's got a built-in search area making it possible for you to search on keywords. If you find a "feed" you like, you can either "preview" it and/or simply "subscribe" to the feed. Also, on web pages where you see a little red "chicklet" style box like this that says "XML" on it, you can click and drag it to the Doppler program window to automatically add it to your Doppler feed subscription list.

Alternatively, you can download and install "Ipodder" at The current version doesn't seem to support drag and drop operations, but new versions of the program are constantly being developed. Otherwise, it performs exactly the same function -- it checks and downloads the latest updates to any Podcast feeds you have subscribed to.

Once you've got one of these programs installed, enjoy your downloaded MP3 and other media files! There are thousands of free programs available. Of course, I've got to plug my own Podcasts! My three Podcast feeds are: -- My audio Podcast where I play non-RIAA music I've found on the web, along with my political and other comments -- My video Podcast, where I review popular movies -- if I don't like it, you'll know !!! -- no pandering to the movie studios here !!! -- This podcast includes both the musical Podcasts, in addition to telephone call-in updates on where I'm trucking and what's going on

Simply drag the above links directly into the open Doppler program window to automatically subscribe to one or more of my Podcasts. Whenever I post a new update, it will automatically be downloaded to your computer's hard drive. Enjoy !!!