My Shaffer Paychecks

Want to know how much I make with Shaffer Trucking? Here it is. My intent is to list every weekly Shaffer paycheck as I get them. Keep in mind that I stay out a bit over three weeks at a time, so I take a pay hit by coming home and taking about 4 or 5 days off towards the end of each month. Also note the "after tax" amount isn't completely accurate -- this is actually the amount going into my checking account. It is often negatively impacted by cash advances I take that I ultimately don't show a cash expense for. I am also single and claim one on the W4 form.
Date After Taxes & Cash Advances Before Taxes Pay Stub
7/21/05 $398.20 $723.24
7/28/05 $1,250.12 $1,722.84
8/4/05 $425.52 $617.59
8/11/05 $414.34 $525.21
8/18/05 $498.10 $696.88
8/25/04 $910.15 $1,351.14
9/1/05 $993.47 $1,551.56
9/8/05 $119.55 $149.10
9/15/05 $717.71 $1,148.66
9/22/05 $872.77 $1,190.88
9/29/05 $674.97 $942.06
11/3/05 $568.11 $768.18
11/10/05 $398.54 $617.40
11/17/05 $666.72 $987.00
11/24/05 $742.83 $1,225.98
Running Total Gross Pay $18,950.26  

Email me directly at and I will give you my cell phone number if you want to talk about my impressions of Shaffer or Crete Carrier Corporation. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions and if I don't know something, I can certainly find out for you. If you've looked over this website or listened to any of my podcasts, then you know I tell it like it is.

Shaffer requires at least one year OTR experience within the past three years.

If you prefer to call a Shaffer recruiter directly, give Craig Wingle (wing-gull) a call at 1-800-669-0322 option 7 and ask for Craig or directly at 1-717-795-5506 and tell him Tom Wiles told you to call. Craig is a really nice guy -- all I ask is that you be straight with him if you call -- don't waste his time and he won't waste yours.

Shaffer is now paying "Practical Route" miles instead of "Household Movers Guide" or so-called "short miles." Here's the announcement letter I received in the mail: