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Health care in America is careening out of control. The conventional system is quickly getting to the point of total breakdown.

There's a new idea taking root between participating physicians and patients, called "Simple Care." The doctors that choose to participate in the "Simple Care" concept do not participate in health insurance plans of any kind. These doctors and their patients agree to bypass the entire health insurance system and work on a "pay as you go" basis.

This has several substantial advantages. The doctors are able to completely eliminate the expense and frustration of dealing with the bureaucracy and dictates of insurance company providers. With the elimination of this major expense and headache, they are able to pass the savings on to their cash-paying patients.

Simple Care Doctors are able to see fewer patients if they wish, and spend more time with each one.

This concept may not be a total answer to all the health care problems we are plagued with, however I believe it can be a partial solution for many of us.

The trouble with insurance of any kind is that it inspires a mentality where people think that the service covered is either "free" or that they are paying for it, so they "might as well use it." This mentality, along with many other complications resulting from it over the years, has driven costs to the point where the average person can barely afford either health insurance or to go to a regular insurance-accepting doctor.