Why Abortion Is Wrong

Because it's morally wrong. Morals matter. "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is not just a suggestion. A society with a preponderance of immoral people can quickly descend into a Hitler Germany or a Saddam Hussein Iraq. That's why.

Abortion is ultimately selfish. People want to pleasure themselves at will and then look at pregnancy as an inconvenient, disposable product of sex. The pro-abortion crowd has unfairly hijacked the Fetal Stem Cell Research issue in a very unfair way as a means of legitimizing abortion and making it seem more palatable. Many women that have had abortions feel horrifically guilty and even suicidal afterwards because they suddenly realize they've paid someone to kill their child. Killing a child is a curse on the lives of those who engage in it.

The pro-abortion crowd has twisted the Stem Cell Research issue, and really placed this potentially life-saving medical research in real jeopardy. Aborted fetuses are not the only source of fetal stem cells. Fetal stem cells can be grown in a laboratory without an abortion EVER taking place.

What kind of person would want to encourage the legitimization of child killing?

To try to systematically "take advantage" of someone else's immoral behavior is wrong, because it ends up only encouraging and legitimizing the behavior. In this case the "bad behavior" is of the most heinous and extreme nature imaginable.

Should companies use the research results from the systematic experiments the Nazi's did on the captive Jews during World War II? Would you use a lampshade made out of human skin? I wouldn't go near it. Should we use shrunken heads as decorations just because we have them?

If someone is willing to push for the use of aborted fetuses for any kind of research or as a supply of what amounts to body parts then they should be willing to have a human skin lampshade in their home without feeling squeamish about it. There's plenty of dead human skin available from cadavers -- why don't we put it to a "good" use rather than burying it? Why do we have more respect for dead adults than we do murdered babies? What is the difference between using human skin lampshades and using the living cells of children who's lives are taken from them before they even have a chance to live?

Good, uplifting things cannot come from radically bad immorality. Is it possible to name one case where it has? I think not.