How Stem Cell Research Has Been Hijacked

I've gotten additional information on the Stem Cell Research issue, and I now realize I was partially wrong on this issue. It's an important point to clarify.

Stem cell research has been unfairly hijacked as an issue by pro-abortion forces in order to help legitimize the abortion issue.

All Stem Cell research should not be lumped together.

There are all sorts of stem cells present everywhere. We have stem cells present within our own bone marrow. Stem cells are interesting in that when injected in or around a damaged organ they actually immediately begin to repair damage!!!!! They have actually been shown to generate new brain cells and repair nerve connections as well as repair heart damage caused by a heart attack.

Fetal stem cells are simply the most potent form of stem cells. Pregnant women frequently end up with a "bleed over" of fetal stem cells during pregnancy, and these cells can actually repair damage to her body while they are present.

Fetal stem cells can be generated in the laboratory without a fetus ever being aborted. Therefore I've modified my position on stem cell research a bit. As long as it's just growing cells in a laboratory, the research should absolutely go forward. I can support this type of research wholeheartedly.

The only thing I remain staunchly opposed to is the fetal remains of aborted babies being cannibalized as a ready source of stem cells.

The pro-abortion people have done stem cell research a huge disservice by latching on to this issue as a lever to legitimize abortion.

Stem cells could revolutionize medical treatments of all kinds. All we have to do is shut up the pro-abortion people because they are poisoning the debate with lies. Aborted baby remains are NOT the only source of stem cells, therefore the research should go forward. There should be strict prohibitions against using aborted human fetuses as a quick and ready supply of fetal stem cells. Otherwise I can absolutely stand behind Stem Cell Research.