Podcast Email #6

I recently read the article during my Southwest flight about your blog, and found your site very interesting. I work for Qualcomm, doing tech support for the communication device that is in your truck, and often talk to mechanics and truck drivers. It's cool to hear about the stories you guys go through, and to read about life out on the road. Good luck with everything, and keep us posted!

Matt Zrelak
Technical Support Specialist, Associate

just wanted 2 let ya know i checked out your website..! looks great.. hear about this via Llew TruckerLlew Brian..
just wanted 2 let ya know we do "internet broadcasts" at and check out our web page..and if u r interested in doing shows with us.. let us know... u can contact for canROCK..
love your opinions on your ipod broadcasts..

I saw a story about you in the Southwest Airlines magazine on the plane last week. I found the article interesting so I checked out the website when I got home, interesting to say the least and not what I expected.

From a fan of trucks and truckers, keep up the good work!

Matt Hughes
Epping, NH

Just thought I'd say hello, I found your website and it was pretty damn neat and informative.

I drive for Crete and enjoyed seeing you show off your Shaffer truck! Drive safe and have fun!



Hello Tom,
My name is Byron Lee and I am a legally blind wannabe truck driver. My dad owns a truck brokerage called Kamble Co. ( and has been in the trucking industry as a driver, broker, and ballbuster (dispatcher) for nearly 25 years. I know that I want to drive a truck but there is no way I will ever be able to do it because I can't see well enough. I have enough vision to ride a bike but I can't get a drivers lisence. I have been on the road several times with my dad, other drivers with his company, and friends who drive for other companies. I really enjoy the "geek factor" of truck driving. I had an idea about using computers while driving your truck. I know that it is not a good idea to have too many things going on while you are trying to
drive, but this would allow you to read e-mail and surf webpages while you where on those long streches of road. You could use software designed for blind computer users to navigate your PC. I usually use JAWS which you can download a 40 minute demo of at and you can also download an audio tutorial so you can learn the basic commands. What I'd do so that I wouldn't have to hold my entire laptop while I was trying to drive is I'd plug the soundcard into the stereo system via a tape adapter or FM transmitter, then I'd use a cheap external keyboard... preferably wireless so you could throw it on the dashboard or the floor without getting tangled up with wires. You could plug your cellphone into your laptop and surf while on the road relatively safely. Also, there are services that allow you to get ahold of a call-center and have someone surf the net for you.
They type the webpage you want to view and read the information to you... so that might be a way to get information on the net while you are driving. I have a long list of phone services that are very useful while on the road, if you would like for me to compile something that you can use I will do so. I will go ahead and end this e-mail by saying thanks for making me feel like I'm out on the road with you, sure wish I could get out there and drive myself.

Byron Lee


Really enjoy the podcasts and just wanted to let you know that we're out here listening.

Thanks for the hard work on the site. I really enjoy it.

Dallas, Georgia

Tom, I know you've seen lots of tattoos but this one is pretty darn wild.

Been listening to your podcast as well, what are your thoughts on the "Intelligent Design" debate?

Personally, I think religion should be kept out of schools.

Having said that, we do send our two kids to a private Catholic school as we feel that religion should be part of their education.

The education our kids get at a private school is so much better then what I received when I was in public school. Our daughter is a senior (first in her class!) and she has been doing college level work since 11th grade.

Sure, it costs a small fortune to send them there but you know what they say............You get what you pay for.

As an aside, we live near the Dover School district which is in court this week concerning the Intelligent Design debate.

Be well, George


To further add to your topic, I believe that people don't want to take a good look at themselves because they may not want to take responsibility for the way they are.

Personal responsibility is becoming an endangered trait that is really screwing up society and will continue to do so.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but both of us know it's the truth.

I have included an attachment that I think you'll like-it's a bumper sticker about liberals.

If I think of anything else, I'll send another e-mail.

Stay safe,

Hello Tom,

Just got done listening to your latest podcast where you had to unload at a Warehouse. From the accents of the people you were dealing with it sounded like you were somewhere in the deep South! It was a very interesting sound scene podcast! Please do more like that in the future! A couple questions I had regarding that podcast. I heard the word 'Bobtailing" mentioned several times. I took a guess that it must have something to do with having a tractor without a trailer attached. In looking up the meaning on the Internet I got this:

What is "bobtailing" ?
"Bobtailing is the term used when a truck is driving WITHOUT the trailer attached. This is very dangerous especially in wet weather but obviously must be done at times."

Is the second sentence a valid point?

Being a Amateur Radio Operator I am always interested in how the podcasters do their audio recordings. When you record the audio to your Sony Flash drive while in a restaurant or Warehouse do you do it in stealth mode? Where do you have the microphone and recorder located?

You mentioned a couple podcasts ago that one of the most dangerous places to be when passing a truck is in the drivers blind spot. I would like to add to that! It is also very dangerous when a Truck passes a car when it is Raining or Snowing. The visibility of the car driver's road in front of him is usually gone while the truck passes.




I read about you and your site in the Southwest Airlines magazine. I think is extremely interesting. The ability to be an adventurous nomad yet stay connected with the rest of the world is fascinating. Have you been featured in other magazines/websites/programs?

It's great to have a medium which allows one to share his experiences and thoughts. How difficult is it to post the content? Is it fairly cheap to maintain a site? I can tell you do this purely to share your views with the world (which I admire) but have you looked into the possible financial gains resulting from your web popularity?

Please write back with a simple "hi". It'd mean a lot. Thanks.

Danny Cooper

Daniel Cooper
The Marketing Arm
1999 Bryan Street, Ste. 1800
Dallas, TX 75201
214.259.3228 (p)
214.259.3201 (f)

Tom: Do not know if you are aware of it, but a front page article
on podcasting appears in todays Wall Street Journal. One of its
themes is the entry of Clear Channel into the field.Take care

Hey Tom,

I downloaded the file. Thanks for letting me know. Were you in Ontario on Sunday? Or anywhere in CA over the weekend. I thought I saw you. I went down to Palm Springs this weekend, and I could have sworn I saw you in your truck.


We are very interested in doing this interview. So please when you have a spare moment give me a call or email to let me know when, if you have any idea when you would be in this area!

Again thanks for taking the time to write me back!

Best Regards and Happy Travels,

Lauren KUSA TV Washington, DC

hello tom,
my name is ryan mann. i currently live in chicagoland, illinois. i believe i heard aboutyour site through something sirius satellite related. i am about to move back to my home state of new jersey after being here about 6 months. i have a stop through in indianapolis, IN for a three week training period for a CDL A license with a company called Driver Solutions (starting Oct. 17, 2005). They are connecting me with a company called USA Truck upon completion. I have 4 weeks OTR with a trainer and then get a truck of my own. I read that you may be interested in
finding out any info during this period. i would like to be of help, perhaps get some insight, etc. i have an excellent digital camera and i could even send some pictures if you'd like. i will
await your e-mail or call as my cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

talk to you soon,

Please subscribe me to your Photos….Thanks Tom

Keep on truck’n Tom.


I’ve just read your article and thought how cool that is. I listened to one of your Podcast..the one with the interview from New Orleans. I guess it makes all that driving go by faster. I saw your pictures…ever thought of writing a book about your travelles and the story behind the pictures. Just a thought. Later Tom….keep on truck’n

Tim (door guy in Edmonton)

Edmonton Alberta, Canada


Did you catch any of that Denver snow on your way east? The papers made is sound pretty bad, I guess Interstate 70 was closed for a while. How does your company react when you are late because of weather/traffic conditions? Are there any sort of standards by which drivers are judged? Minimum per cent on time delivery?

I ask because I am from the Chicago area and back in the day I could tell you within 30 seconds when I would get to a destination in my car. Now it is impossible to know when you are going to arrive anywhere. My doctor is 45 minutes away in no traffic. I allow 2 hours just in case. I'm almost always there early but maybe 1 in 6 times I need that 2 hrs.

Also, do you use the computer for mapping/trip planning or do you use the paper atlas. If you use the computer what software do you use.

Hope all is well,

Bob the Wannabe
Griffith IN