Podcast Email #8

Thank you for talking about my email. I was joking about being a prisonor here but things are up and down some days. This is a picture of my sister and myself. I am the one with the dark hair... I use both email address and used this one to get your photos that are so great. Hope you have a good day.. I use to live in Tulsa and went college for a few months at SOSU South Eastern Oklahoma Univeristy many years ago. in Durant OK.. I am getting ready to go to work and then thank goodness I have 2 days off to work on the house as that gets behind. Hope to see some more pictures.


hi tom, cannot access your latest ipod [denver] problem maybe this end. may fly into nevada in a couple of weeks for some sunshine. 10 hour flight. from uk. ughhh. regards malcolm


Hello, Mr Wiles, I hope this messeage find you with a full load and a lot of miles ahead I looked at a company a month or so ago that offered owner operators the deal that the company would make the truck payment, insurancem and the owner was responsible for gas ,a cell phone and an accountant! Do you have any idea who this company would be? I cant seem to find it anywhere and I like that deal! If not do you know any other companies that offer this same deal! thanks


Greetings Tom,

Hope unloading Fri. morning goes smoothly. What did you haul from Fowler CA?

Just a quick heads up FYI in case you were not aware of it, is listed in the Sept/Oct issue of RoadKing magazine on page 18. This page is titled "High Octane - Cool sites for Truckers".

Under your URL is says and I quote " Set up as a site to share snapshots from the road, this site also offers restaurant reviews, message boards, a blog and links to audio Podcasts for your listening pleasure."

Before you know it you're going to be a truckin' rock star!

All the best,

Bob the wannabe
Griffith IN

PS you probably went right by my place off Cline Ave and Rt 80 on your way to Grand Rapids

Bob Beard
219-714-7628 direct
815-346-5845 fax

hi tom, unable to access latest ipod, but, a good friend of mine who knows computers far better than me, is coming to my house to really sort this out. he is going to spend some time educating me on computer proceedure. I'm new to this game, but am hoping to improve my caperbility. I run windows 98 on broadband. No mic. no cams . I just keep it simple and learn more slowly. ABOUT ME; I am retired, 64 years old, live on my own [ divorced years ago] my hobbys are: ballroom dancing,biking [honda c90--- I have four of these small motorcycles---great fun] I collect battery powered invalid scooters, some of which I convert into an electric trike by bolting the rear end of the scooter to the front end of an old moped. I remove the electronic controller [which is most likely broken anyway thats why I get the scooters for free] I then fit a series ---- paralell switch. real simple and so much more reliable. will send some pics. not my trike, but very similar. I also have an electric car bought new 3 months ago. made in india, but the electrics developed and made in california. range is 40 miles top speed 40mph. a town car really. 6 hours to charge on house electricity. type in g wiz on google to see the car. Have you traveled out of usa like europe or asia you get emails from other countries? UK truckers are all paid by hours worked. years ago, one trucking company paid drivers on a percentage of what the truck earned [the more loads delivered --more money earned] but the accident rate was rather high. taxi drivers are in the same rat race. any thing you wish to know about british trucking or my country feel free tom.All the very best. regards malcolm

Hello! I'd like to subscribe to your "pictures of my trucker travels". I stumbled across your site from My boyfriend (who just started driving a big orange pumpkin of a truck) told me to check that site. I love how you have everything laid out, comments, truck stop food, pictures, everything!! It gives me a glimpse of the road life that I don't get to see.
The 2 tattoos of the truck and bike are my favorite, that's pretty cool. I got one tattoo of a Dodge Viper logo on my ankle.. and I want another! Anyways, I'm running my mouth. Love the site!

:: Jessica ::

Hi Tom,

I came across your site from a derogatory comment made on Here's the link, if you're interested.

I apologize if the foul language is offensive, I just don't know that much about you other than from what I've read tonight on your website. Great, interesting stuff.

Just curious, how do truckers stay awake? Are the stories about uppers really true? I don't know how ya'll stay awake. Massive doses of coffee? Talking to other truckers? I try a 4 hour drive and I feel like I'm about to nod off.

Best regards,

Hi Tom,

Glad you enjoyed the link to the Southwest Airlines trip report on That same pilot has written 5 other trip reports that were also great! I hear you talking quite often about using your Qualcomm Communications unit. Could you go into a little detail on its operation? Does it connect via a cell phone, satellite or how? Also you mention about using a scanner to send in your trip reports. Is this a regular computer type scanner or something else? I really enjoyed your sound scene trip and subsequent information on buying a new LCD widescreen TV.

Keep those interesting podcasts coming!


Vince from near Syracuse, NY


Now in my early 40ís, Iíll never forget my visits from a favorite uncle named Ronald. He came out to west Texas to show off his new Peterbuilt. I sat in the seat next to him, and listened as he called up a few trucker friends on his CB radio. This was so long ago, that this rig was all tube, and glowed in the darkness. I love the old tube stuff, and some think it sounds better for some reason or another. At the time I thought he had the coolest job in the world. I wanted to be an astronaut until that time.

Well I became neither. Iím currently a video producer. I enjoy your podcast. It not only reminds me of that time, but it communicates some of what it feels like to be on the open road. Yea, it probably ainít all roses. You make it sound pretty good though.

Best to you,



Joe Mizera
Mizera Digital Video

I'm listening to your KSCO interview a week late. I usually call in when
I listen in real time. I would have called in, if I had been home.

All the signs I see on trucks saying "drivers needed" have peaked my
curiosity. I would like to ride along with you or someone else that you
might know, for a day or two. Would this be possible? I could meet you
somewhere when you are west bound for California, or meet you in Calif.
and jump off on your east bound leg.

I'm a retired 18 wheeler flyer (a B747) so we can swap "war stories".


Hi TomÖ

I really enjoy your podcast and have been listening to it faithfully for a few months now. I trained as a truck driver after I got out of school and was going to make a career out of it but a few other opportunities came along, and long story short, 20 years later I am working in high-tech management.

I was listening to your podcast today as I was passing a truck on the highway. The trailer was a 53í reefer that had what appeared to be 4 fixed axles as opposed to a set of sliding tandems. I have seen this configuration with what appears to be 3 fixed axles also. I have always wondered why these trailers are configured that way. And are they difficult to navigate city streets with assuming the extra axles do not have an air lift on them like some of the dump trailers do?

Another question I have always wondered about is what it is like to haul live cattle or pigs etc. Does the movement of the animals have an effect on the handling of the truck?

Thanks for what you do.

Steve in Canada

...was my iTune player. I tried both links and different
browsers with the same problem. I tried RealPlayer and
it worked normally. Maybe with Apple's new iPod thingys,
their system is getting overworked.

I loved that piano music... maybe I can get that
guy to allow me to use some of his compositions
as bumper.

Mental Security. I've also never heard that
term... I think you're on to something, but...

...the one suggestion I have regarding the
obnoxious guy in the restaurant. A better solution
would have been to simply stop by the table and
kill him.

I know, I know, it takes a little effort, but If
everyone did their part and killed just a few
obnoxious jerks, the world would become a kinder
and gentler place.

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